Recommended San Francisco Therapists in Private Practice

Deciding to see a therapist can be an intimidating and confusing process. People often ask me for referrals for super star San Francisco therapists. I lean towards therapists trained in a specific therapy model, it’s called Internal Family Systems Therapy. You can click on the link to learn more about the approach. I believe it to be the most transformative and effective modality of therapy out there. Here is my alphabetical list of recommended therapists in San Francisco. I suggest exploring their websites and seeing who you feel drawn to. This list is not foul proof- if choosing from this list, you agree that I shall have no liability for the actions of the practitioner you choose or the effectiveness of any treatment you may receive. These are just recommendations I would give to a friend in need!

Fees.  Some San Francisco therapists have their fees posted on their website or you can contact them to inquire about the cost of therapy.  The cost of therapy is an investment (personally, professionally, and financially). When it comes to fees for therapy, it helps to know what to expect. In San Francisco, if you want to see an experienced, licensed therapist, you should generally expect to pay at least $180 per session for weekly therapy. Rates for private practice therapy in San Francisco can range between $130 to $300 or more per session depending on a therapist’s discipline and experience level. Therapists cannot guarantee to accommodate all income levels, but some therapists are open to discussing a rate that you and  the therapist can both work with (i.e., sliding scale pay options). When budgeting for therapy, you should generally expect to meet once weekly with your therapist (minimum) and you should plan to incorporate this expense into your monthly budget for six months or longer. Therefore, consider how much you are able to set aside for therapy each month.

Insurance. Many  San Francisco therapists in private practice do not  accept insurance. Why is that?  First, your therapist will not be required to assign you a mental health diagnosis as a part of treatment- most insurances want you to be diagnosed. Second, you, not insurance, will determine your own goals for therapy. Also, when using insurance, the number of sessions are often limited and will necessitate reports of your progress, requiring your confidential information to be shared. Insurance will usually dictate how many and what type of therapy you can have- don’t you think that should be decided between you and your therapist? If your insurance offers out of network benefits, most therapists will provide a receipt documenting the date of sessions and payment received.

IFS San Francisco Therapists

Govinda Bader

Rachael Butler

Jennifer Carri

David Coates

Normandy Daniels

Jay Early

Rhonda Felzmann

Bonnie Weiss

Joe Zarate-Sanderlin

San Francisco Therapists Specializing in Eating Disorders

Evolve Therapy

Other Super Star San Francisco Therapists

Julia Barker