Helpful San Francisco Resources

Helpful San Francisco Contacts & Resources

San Francisco Child Crisis Line (415) 970-3800 Provides a 24-hour, multilingual, crisis intervention and short-term stabilization program for families and children who are experiencing suicidal ideation, emotional distress related to family violence, physical or emotional illness, school truancy, behavioral problems and other crises. When a troubled family member or concerned observer contacts the program, the family may either arrange to come to the clinic or a crisis team may travel to the home, school or other San Francisco location to evaluate the problem. Evaluation includes assessment for inpatient hospitalization.

San Francisco Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Hotline (800) 856-5553 or (415) 558-2650 If you suspect that a child in San Francisco is being abused or neglected, call the Family and Children’s Services (FCS) Hotline at (800) 856-5553 to make a confidential report anytime, 24 hours per day. Be prepared to provide the child’s name, address, approximate age and situation. You do not have to leave your name. Anyone can call the child abuse hotline to report suspected abuse or neglect.  Mandated reporters, however, are legally required to report known or suspected child abuse. These include workers in county welfare, doctors, nurses, clergy, school teachers and counselors, employees of day care, etc.

Huckleberry House (415) 621-2929 Huckleberry House offers continuous 24-hour crisis intervention and resolution services and emergency shelter to high-need youth between the ages of 11 and 17. Located at 1292 Page Street (at Lyon) in San Francisco, Huckleberry House is the oldest program for runaway and homeless youth in the country. Program goals are to alleviate problems of runaway and homeless youth, reunite youth with their families, empower youth to identify healthy lifestyle alternatives and develop positive decision-making. Through a continuum of care service model, the program creates a network of support for positive, healthy adolescent development. Most of the clients are from the San Francisco Bay Area, which allows us to deliver extended family preservation counseling. All Huckleberry youth receive primary medical care and peer-based prevention education through Huckleberry’s Cole Street Clinic. To contact Huckleberry House directly, please call 415.621.2929 or email

Diamond Youth Shelter (415) 567-1020 Larkin Street Youth Services offers these most vulnerable and at-risk youth ages 12-17, safety and security off the streets through our Diamond Youth Shelter. The Diamond Youth Shelter is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Located at 536 Central Avenue (between Hayes and Grove). 24 Hour Hotline  1 (800) 669.6196

Lark-Inn for Youth (415) 749-2968  Emergency Shelter for Youth ages 18-24. Located at 869 Ellis Street (between Van Ness and Polk) 7:00 p.m. Must be at shelter for an emergency bed. Access wait-list and check in daily for a permanent bed. ***In the case of heavy rain or low temperatures, the Lark-Inn will not turn anyone away.

La Casa de Las Madres- Domestic Violence Crisis Support Hotline. Adults call: (877) 503-1850 Teens call: (877) ­923-0700 Live, trained staff and volunteers answer our lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They provide survivors of domestic violence with culturally appropriate, multilingual crisis intervention, counseling, information, resources, and referrals.  For concerned friends, family members, neighbors, and service providers, they give support and information about how to safely offer help to a victim or direct him or her to resources and services. Crisis lines provide survivors with critical access and immediate support, but La Casa also offers related face-to-face assistance on an emergency, drop-in, or regular basis.  Our crisis lines also provide around the clock access to our Emergency Shelter Program, currently the only domestic violence shelter in San Francisco that conducts intakes after business hours and over weekends.

San Francisco Police Department Direct Dispatch Emergency (415) 553-8090 The purpose of San Francisco’s 911 Emergency Telephone System is to provide for the immediate response of police, fire, or medical personnel for emergency occurrences. To accomplish this, it is imperative that the calls received on 911 lines be restricted to those situations that require immediate dispatching of Police, Paramedic, or Fire Department personnel. Note: When calling 911 on a cellular phone near a highway, the call is connected to The California Highway Patrol (CHP) dispatch center. In other areas in San Francisco, the call will connect directly to SF dispatch. You can also dial directly to SF dispatch: 415-553-8090.

San Francisco Police Department Non-Emergency (415) 553-0123 The non-emergency line is for situations that require the police, but do not require an immediate police response (e.g., loud parties, a group of juveniles loitering in front of your home, noise complaints).

San Francisco County Behavioral Health Access 24-Hour Access Helpline (415) 255-3737 or (888) 246-3333 ACCESS is the first point of contact for individuals enrolled in Medicaid, Medi- Cal, Healthy San Francisco, and other state healthcare programs. ACCESS can also assist individuals in enrolling for healthcare and fi­­­nding mental health services.

San Francisco Adult/Elder Protective Services (415) 355-6700 or (800) 814-0009 Anyone can make a confidential report if they know or suspect that an elderly person or adult with a disability who lives in San Francisco is being abused. The 24-hour hotline is staffed by social workers who respond to calls and ask a series of questions to determine if an emergency response is required. If necessary, an Emergency Response Worker will be dispatched to make a home visit to investigate the report and to determine what services, if any, are needed.

San Francisco Talk Line (Family Support Center) (415) 441-5437 The TALK Line operates round-the-clock (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year) and has provided service virtually uninterrupted for more than 30 years. Enhanced translation capacity allows the TALK Line to handle critical calls in more than 170 languages. The TALK Line is free of charge for all callers. The TALK Line’s trained volunteer counselors provide early interventions, referrals and support to every parent and caregiver who calls. TALK Line counselors and professional clinical staff provide counseling and support on any topic of concern for a parent or caregiver, including: child care challenges, anger management, positive discipline, calming your baby, anxiety about parenting, general childcare questions, depression, isolation, and domestic violence. All callers are asked if they would like a follow-up phone call. Though not required, many callers choose to have weekly supportive check-ins with TALK Line counselors over the course of months and even years. TALK Line counselors model positive listening and parenting skills and are in many cases a “lifeline” for parents and caregivers.

San Francisco Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Hotline (415) 647-7273 Rape crisis counselors are available 24 hours/day to offer support, information and resources for survivors of rape and sexual assault, friends, family members and others. Counselors are also trained in areas such as sexual harassment, incest, child sexual assault, same-sex sexual assault, domestic violence, ritual abuse, suicide prevention, male survivors and stalking. SFWAR’s (San Francisco Women Against Rape) crisis hotline is (415) 647-RAPE.

San Francisco Suicide Prevention Crisis Line (415) 781-0500 or (800) 273-8255 San Francisco Suicide Prevention’s 24-hour Crisis Line provides immediate crisis intervention and emotional support to everyone who calls. Since 1962, we have been answering the telephone around the clock, whenever we are needed. We have been able to maintain this service for nearly fifty years through the wonderful dedication of nearly 120 trained individuals who volunteer their time to answer the phones and help their neighbors through a crisis. All volunteers are trained and supervised by a professional staff, and all receive ongoing training to hone their skills with the newest developments in the field of suicide prevention.

San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) Psychiatric Emergency Services (415) 206-8125 A 24-hour facility with capacity to evaluate and treat psychiatric emergencies for both voluntary and involuntary clients. Provides intensive medical oversight, nursing care, medication support, assessment & reassessment, linkage and referral to ongoing mental health services; has general mental health services and case management with the capacity to treat patients for up to 20-23 hours to stabilize an acute crisis.An emergency care provider which provides assessment, general mental health services, intensive case management and medication support, seven days per week, in an effort to ameliorate crisis situations and to divert from Psychiatric Emergency Services OR to facilitate admissions to acute psychiatric hospitals when necessary. Is linked with 911 and other emergency providers. Provides emergency coverage for adult clients of the system. Mobile crisis also provides response for geriatric crisis and HIV crisis after 5 p.m. and on weekends.

Mobile Crisis Treatment Team (MCTT) 415-970-4000 The Mobile Crisis Treatment Team is made up of a diverse multidisciplinary staff providing psychiatric crisis intervention services for adults located in the City and County of San Francisco. Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 11 PM (last field visit at 10PM) Saturdays and Holidays 12 Noon to 8 PM  (last field visit at 7PM) [Closed Sundays] Services Provided: Emergency crisis assessment and intervention services conducted in the field, Early intervention before situation escalates to critical crisis point, Consultation services provided to consumers, housing/support systems, mental health providers, and other concerned parties, Assistance with linkage to outpatient mental health services, 5150 evaluation capacity and determination of appropriate level of care, Short-term medication services may be available, Spanish, Russian, and Cantonese/Mandarin speaking staff (schedules vary), Available to all adult residents (at least 18 years old), regardless of payer source.

HIV Nightline (415) 434-2437 or (800) 628-9240 The HIV/AIDS Nightline responds to over 15,000 calls annually from all over the United States. People call us for many reasons: people just testing HIV positive, people in later stages of AIDS feeling isolated and/or concerned about their medications, caregivers buckling under the stress of caring for a loved one at home, and people concerned about the HIV risks. What makes the Nightline unique is our hours. For people receiving their HIV test results after work at a clinic, to people just having a night of unsafe sexual exposure, the program is often the only resource open for immediate care.