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February 19, 2017 Mariana 0 Comments

I’m reflecting on how little love, curiosity, calm, and connection we feel with people who disagree with us, who hold different beliefs, values, and opinions than us, and how this is tearing our country, and world, into pieces.

Each piece standing up for what it believes in, protecting what it holds dear, and criticizing the other- a polarizing process in which each faction’s fears continue to grow and be invalidated. A divisive and self-destructive process that keeps us stuck as a people, and a nation, characterized by hate, fear, rage, contempt, denial, chaos, and obsession with control and power.

We need a respecting government who sees every piece of America, who witnesses and listens to each and every part of America’s deepest needs, fears, and pains.

We need a leadership who is open minded and genuinely curious and compassionate towards all people who call America home.

We need a unifying leadership who courageously builds and maintains bridges with all the groups of people who believe in the United States.

We need a nonpartisan government who provides reassurance to all of us that they will address and care for the needs and fears of every part of America- every community, family, and individual who cherishes the freedoms and protections of this beautifully diverse country.

We not only need our government to commit to this, but every person to commit to strive for this in their relationships and interactions with others. I think that would truly make America great.

“Look carefully around you and recognize the luminosity of souls. The lamps are different, but the light is the same.” -Rumi.

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