The Value of Self Awareness

self awareness
May 30, 2016 Mariana 0 Comments

The quality of self awareness helps us understand our default reactions, our values, what motivates us, and what guides our decision-making. When the light of self-awareness shines on doubt, judgment, fear, guilt, and shame these states begin to melt away. The quality of self awareness allows us to take the position of an observer and notice the thoughts and feelings swirling around our minds and bodies. It grants us opportunities to connect with the stillness, patience, and curiousity of the observer, with self-awareness.

Practice consciously taking a pause for self reflection- self reflection characterized by non judgment, humility, and courage. Courage because it’s hard to notice and admit our flaws- the egoic mind is desperately trying to protect and preserve itself. It will persuade us to maintain the current status quo even if that status quo is preventing us from being the people we want to be. Developing and cultivating self-awareness is a slow process that requires daily, moment to moment practice- you are strengthening the role of the curious observer, tapping into the profound wisdom and stillness we all have inside us which has been clouded by the egoic mind.

Tip: practice curiously asking yourself, “What is going on right now?””Where is this reaction coming from?” “What is doubt telling me right now? What is guilt persuading me to believe about myself? What is shame whispering into my ear? What is judgment convincing me to believe about myself? What will happen if I cave to the fear of failure?”  

Let these questions loosen the power and influence of the egoic mind while you tap into the lightness and wisdom of self-awareness. Gently smile when you notice the incessant voices of negativity in your head, we all have them. Notice these voices and then shift your focus to the compassionate and wise questions self-awareness is asking.

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